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At Cadence Natural Health, we aim to help patients of all backgrounds achieve optimal wellbeing.


What is cadence?

Cadence is a rhythm, a flow that allows us to seek balance in life. Cadence also happens to be the name of the 40ft Catamaran sailboat that Dr. Ohlinger spent over a collective year growing up on in the South Pacific! It was there on the boat, buffeted by the forces of nature in our vast globe and inspired by the beautiful cultures that give color to our world that Dr. Ohlinger formulated her world-view and sought to give back to the world through health care. Come seek health, joy and cadence in life with us!


About Dr. ohlinger:

Dr. Constance Ohlinger is a licensed naturopathic physician completing her residency at NUNM. Prior to that, Dr. Ohlinger completed her Bachelor of Arts in Health and Society from Wellesley College with high honors, a unique degree which brought together courses from anthropology and biological sciences. During her undergraduate career, Dr. Ohlinger also completed numerous medical research projects, finally completing an undergraduate thesis project investigating the interactions between lifestyle changes, epigenetics and weight gain- one of her many passions in healthcare!

During her clinical studies at NUNM, Dr. Ohlinger sought additional experience and training in women’s health, community medicine, pediatric care and medical research. Dr. Ohlinger is thrilled to help patients of all ages, gender identities, backgrounds and cultures reach their healthcare goals.

In addition, Dr. Ohlinger enjoys travel, having spent much time in the South Pacific (The Republic of Palau), South America and Germany. In her free time, she likes to rock climb, scuba dive and is always looking for new outdoor activities to enjoy!



Mission and Vision:

Here at Cadence Natural Health, LLC, we aim to improve access and affordability of healthcare to all patients. In this day and age, affordable and accessible primary care is increasingly hard to find. We offer a variety of options that aim to overcome those barriers to health, whether they be financial, time-constraint based or due to past bad experiences with healthcare. Dr. Ohlinger aims to offer compassionate, trauma-informed care to create a healing and welcoming environment for patients of all backgrounds and experiences. Read on to learn more about the specific services offered:

Health is a journey, not a destination.


  • Womens' Health Complaints: Including hormone balancing, menstrual irregularities, fertility consulting, vaginal infections and more

  • Epigenetic Consultation and Support: Have questions about your 23 and Me or other genetic test results? Bring them in for a consult to see how we can maximize your health!

  • Diabetes and Prediabetes Treatment Management: Including insulin management, support through long-term lifestyle change and success in blood sugar and lifestyle goals- whatever that may look like for you!

  • Endocrine and Metabolic conditions: Including thyroid and adrenal conditions.

  • Weight Management and Support: Let's work together to reach your lifestyle goals! I use nutrition, supplements, lifestyle counseling and ongoing support to help you find tools to feel good in your body, at whatever weight allows you to feel your best.

  • Natural Pain Management: As a naturopath, I have many tools to help manage acute and chronic pain without the use of opioids. Including but not limited to: body work, nutritional support, physical adjustments, and at-home exercises to get you moving pain-free again.

I manage a wide variety of complaints, so please feel free to email and ask about what I could do for you!